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52 McCaul Artist Submission Guidelines

Please note that we work by appointment only and cannot accommodate walk-ins
or phone calls for portfolio review.

To participate as an exhibiting artist at 52 McCaul, please email us at with the following information:

•Name, address, phone number, email
•An artist statement/bio/introduction to your work
•Relevant samples of your work:
MP3 for audio
JPEG or PDF for images and text (up to 10)
•Link to your blog/website/twitter (if applicable)
•Title the subject of your email ‘Submission’
Based on this information, we will review your work. Next steps may include scheduling a
suitable time to meet in person.
If you are selected to participate with us, we will arrange a time to receive your work and finalize
exhibition dates, details and formalize our agreement. In this case, please consider the following:
•It is your responsibility to have everything you need to deliver the work to us on time as
scheduled. Not earlier, not later
•Please present your work professionally. Use proper mounts for display, frames etc free of
scratches, dents and marks
•Sign your work
•Provide us with pricing details and a short bio/script that indicates how you would like us to
introduce you to interested patrons. It is recommended to supply cards/ flyers where we can
direct folks interested in learning more about you. Typically this would be a blog or website.
•It is your responsibility to insure your work. We cannot insure work that does not belong to us
•Exhibiting your work at 52 McCaul is not an agreement of exclusivity
•The gallery is rotated regularly and artists are encouraged to bring new work regularly

Email inquiries to

52 McCaul Rental & Event Application

52 Mc Caul is a 2000 sq foot self-funded independent art and culture centre that serves diverse
and multiple programming needs.

In order to be viable, we need to turn around our events quickly and easily. While we’d love the
opportunity to host your event you must be aware that the information you provide us must be
complete, well thought out and professionally presented.

It is our policy to quote on a case-by-case basis. Priority booking is given to Well and Good

Please provide the information requested below and include a 250 word proposal,
artist statement and images (if applicable). This information is mandatory and is
crucial in helping us understand the scope of your event and what you require
from us as hosts.

We work strictly by appointment. Please schedule a meeting with us to review your
application so we can give you our full attention.

1. Date of Application
2. Name of Event
3. Organization(s) presenting event
4. Organization(s) mailing address
5. Name, phone no. and email of contact person/event coordinator
6. Event date
7. Event type
8. Event description and attendance
9. Start time/end time
10. Is access/set up required before the event start time?
11. Do you require outside suppliers? (eg. caterers, furnishings)
12. What kind of wrap time will you require?
13. Requests or special needs
14. Budget
15. Do you require a special occasion permit/alcohol license?
16. Do you have liability insurance*?
17. Do you require staffing? (eg. security) We provide the bar staff.
18. Do you need promotional help?

*Please note that every event must have a designated person that assumes responsibility onsite for
the duration of the rental.

Email inquiries to

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