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Agents of Urban Change: WORK T.O.GETHER

May 19, 2010

Have you ever wondered what would happen if that empty lot in your neighborhood was transformed into an ultra modern 20 storey condo? Imagine the social, physical, and communal impacts of this new development in your community.

•Where do residents go to escape the crowd and feel like they belong to a local neighborhood?

•What happens to the a food supply when an influx of people descend on areas where there isn’t a farm or crop in sight?

•Who will educate and care for the youth as a steady flow of young families abandon the core?
•When will the urban fabric of the city stop casting shadows and open up pockets for citizens to sit in the sun?

The Agents of Urban Change have set forth to investigate the impact of four urban elements and how conscious new development can affect communities. Work T.O.gether strives to bring attention to these four interrelated elements and how they can benefit the constantly evolving metropolis of Toronto.
Collaborating with solutions innovator FishTnk, the exhibit will offer visitors an interactive opportunity to investigate the impact of various urban design decisions with their own ideas of future development. Focusing on a portion of Ward 20 surrounding 52 McCaul, the interactive model intends to engage the community with what is familiar and what is possible.

Who are AoUC?

The Agents of Urban Change are an innovative urban theory + design co-op based all over Ontario, Canada. Concerned with the urban and social environment, we are dedicated to combining innovative design, visual communication and theory to create authentic places for people. We advocate informal public places that reflect and encourage cross sections of our communities to live, work and play together everyday!

Visit them at

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