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Alan Wood: All Stories In Pictures

April 26, 2010

Alan Wood creates an outlandish, irregular and preternatural visual world incited by the fountainheads of pop-culture, death, nostalgia, humour, Saturday morning cartoons and comic books.

Expanding on style, process and subject matter in a universe of mediums, including collage, painting, drawing, printing as well as altering photographs, vinyl records and posters by means of graphic design and printing methods, he pursues a style that is uniquely his own. Rummaging in antique malls, second hand stores and book shops is where he frequently gathers the materials and images that appear in his work. By experimenting with various mediums and materials, the style of his work remains inventive and unpredictable.

“I don’t necessarily try to produce different styles.  That’s just how it’s always been.  It used to be frustrating attempting to create a certain definitive style that would easily be recognized as my own, when so many styles and mediums continue to inspire me so much.  When I finally accepted that I would never have that, I became much more content and productive with the work.  So, in a way, having no style became my style.”

After showing in a number of group exhibitions in galleries throughout the Toronto area in the past, Alan has prepared a large body of new works including an installation for his first solo show at 52 McCaul.

To view Alan’s work visit,

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