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Talking Back

January 19, 2010

Signs Of Life
A new exhibition series that seeks to examine the broad role street art, public art, and graffiti plays in modern life.

Talking Back

In this first interactive installment we initiate the conversation of public art as civic engagement. Examining messages in the public realm and street art as an essential form of visual communication in our modern society.

Street art is a creative act utilizing the little public space we have left as a platform for ideas. It is often hard to attribute to a specific individual effort and hard to measure in terms of characteristics such as quality, however we view street art as an essential part of society. This form of art often times uses the language of commodity and advertising to respond to issues and the pervasive role of mass media in our communities.

Throughout the duration of this exhibition, we turn over our gallery walls to the public, allowing for dialogue and visual expression to take form.

We ask the following questions:

What is public space and who owns it?

Who controls what is said and where?

How significant is creative expression in shared spaces?

We encourage people to talk back and write on the walls with the marking instruments that we have provided and to bring pictures to add to the installation. If you cannot join us in person, please email us your thoughts.

Opening Thursday January 21, 7 pm to 11 pm

Show has been extended to February 6 !

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